Gaspar vom Staudenjager

We have done extensive research to locate this stud. He is out of a small kennel in southeastern part of Germany. Gaspar's sire was one of the highest rated GWP/ Drahthaar in Austria with a perfect coat and conformation. He is also awarded highly on his hunt test. Gaspar's mother is one of the top black roan females of her time with a perfect coat and great conformation coupled with high scores for all her hunt test (German VGP equivalent to AKC Senior level). Gaspar is a product of strong outcross between two exceptional family bloodlines which was what we were looking for in an import stud. We wanted diversity in genetics to contribute to the genepool in USA. Gaspar is a large 75lb male standing 26" to the whether. He is a very calm dog and very gentle with the kids. His hunting range is between 40-60 yards and hunts in a very calm and methodical style. His pointing is very staunch but a close pointer, usually within 10-20 yards of his birds. We have harvested over 50 wild roosters with Gaspar during his first hunting season. The way he works the field and keeping close quarter with the birds, we were able to get great shots at wild birds and reduced bumping out distance birds. Gaspar, similar to his parents, wears the perfect coat a hunter can ask for in a Wirehaired breed. He has the dense tight coat with very little of the soft long coat. The length of his coat is between 1-1.5" on the back. He has the ultimate minimal maintenance coat the German Wirehaired reputation is based on, not a burr stickers.     

Uno vom Schinkelberg

We have spent years following this stud in Germany, studying how he produced and how his offspring performed. In our opinion, we believe UNO is one of the most significant stud dog of current time. He produced the Hegewald winner in 2011 and have continued to produce impressive dogs throughout Germany, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, the UK, and now the United States of America!  Not only is he a proven producer, he is also a high performance dog with solid test scores, perfect health clearance and a 12/11 rating for conformation and coat. Aside from being the perfect specimen and proven producer, his pedigree is what makes him the full package. He is a true linebreeding of the old German strain out of vom Schinkelberg Kennel. Uno is a prodigy of a half brother to half sister breeding, with the famous Matze vom Schinkelberg on both side as his grandfather. This kind of linebreeding is usually not approve by the VDD system. However, in Uno's case, his litter was an exception because the German system saw this lineage as a clean, healthy bloodline that will represent the Deutsch-Drahthaar breed well. Uno was awarded a 12 in conformation and was the only VDD dog in the stud book that year with a perfect 12 in conformation and near perfect 11 for coat. This dog is truly a magnificent specimen and a great asset to all GWP in the USA. Because of all the exceptional traits Uno will contribute, vom Moua-Forst have made the full commitment to invest in him and import Uno into the USA. Uno is now residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA! 


Samuel III vom Kervinshof

Sam is our famiy dog and personal hunting partner. He is one tough son of a gun. This dog will retrieve down ducks and geese, switch over to pointing birds and later track and retrieve fur. He is the full package and his drive might be too much for most people to handle. At home he is gentle with my children but very protective of my property. He and Anja are the only two dogs that have full access to the perimeter of my property throughout the night to keep any potential intruders at bay. Sam moves flawlessly in the field and like an otter in the water. He is a medium-size 70lb male with a perfect built. Sam has many excellent features in the Drahthaar that we love including his good looks, exceptional hunting abilities, but also unique lineage in his pedigree. He is the last certified drahthaar in the USA with his motherline, Mirka vom Venusberg Sachsenhof-Saarforst-DK.